The discharge of student loan debt used to be an easier process, but changes to U.S. bankruptcy laws have made this much more difficult recently. This increased difficulty can cause numerous financial problems for post-graduates who are suffering from mounting student loan debt while also trying to manage other bills and expenses. However, despite this, people with student loan debt are not without options. In addition to filing for bankruptcy or undergoing debt negotiation, certain debtors may qualify to have their debts taken care of through an undue hardship petition.

3 Elements Petition Reviewers Look For

There are certain elements of an undue hardship petition that will be evaluated when your petition is considered. In order to have a successful petition, a person will need to prove:

  • Prolonged hardship
  • Not being able to meet basic standards of living
  • Good faith efforts in paying off loans/debts

Should a person be able to prove all three of these critical aspects of an undue hardship petition, they might be able to discharge some or all of their student loan debt. This can be critical for people battling student loan debt.

Contact a Bankruptcy Attorney in Raleigh

Student loans can be overwhelming, especially when your debt disrupts every other facet of your life. In order to learn about both your options for discharging other debt and filing an undue hardship petition in Raleigh, talk with a lawyer from the Bradford Law Offices today. You can get in touch with us by calling (919) 758-8879.

Written By: Danny Bradford Last Updated: November 22, 2023