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After putting years of hard work into running a business, it can be difficult to imagine filing for bankruptcy. However, through bankruptcy, you can give your business the financial reset it needs to keep going. Many businesses take on debt when they are first established, and getting out of debt can be challenging.

If you need help to overcome the financial difficulties your business is facing, pursuing bankruptcy allows you to reorganize your debts and continue your business operations. You can also use bankruptcy to liquidate and sell off your remaining assets if you have decided to shut your doors. Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 are the two most common types of bankruptcy for businesses, though farms and fisheries that are struggling with debt can file for Chapter 12 bankruptcy protection.

A skilled bankruptcy attorney can help you determine whether filing for bankruptcy is right for your business and explain the benefits of the different types of bankruptcy.

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Bradford Law Offices have been helping Raleigh business owners navigate the bankruptcy process for almost three decades. Since 1996, Danny Bradford and his team have represented businesses in Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 12 bankruptcy cases in the Eastern District of North Carolina. Bradford Law Offices is committed to helping business owners seek debt relief through bankruptcy protection and reorganize their debts so that they can get a fresh financial start and begin to thrive again. Mr. Bradford is a member of the North Carolina Bar Association, Bankruptcy Section, as well as the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and the Wake County Bar. He and his staff have the reputation, skill, and experience to help business owners in North Carolina successfully obtain a positive outcome after filing for bankruptcy.

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Chapter 7 Business Bankruptcy

This is the most common type of bankruptcy filed by businesses and is available to both individuals and businesses.

Chapter 11

If you’ve experienced prolonged debt and are struggling to overcome the heavy challenges and obstacles of having debt

Chapter 12

This type of protection is specifically reserved for family farmers and fishermen to relieve incurred debt.

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