Protection Against Creditor Harassment

Frequent contact from creditors who want money can be extremely frustrating, especially if you are already experiencing financial stress. Outstanding debt can lead to letters, e-mails and phone calls demanding you make payments that you may not be able to make.

When your financial situation becomes dire and you experience continual creditor harassment, filing for bankruptcy may be a legitimate option. If your business is battling debt, Chapter 11 bankruptcy can give you a fresh start and get you back on your feet financially.

End Creditor Harassment through Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

If you and your business are suffering from significant financial problems and creditors continue to harass you, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy may allow you to negotiate your debts and grant you a new start. Some benefits of Chapter 11 bankruptcy are:

  • Business can continue to operate
  • Debts can be restructured
  • Loans can be acquired at reasonable rates
  • Freedom to pay at your own pace is granted

Experiencing debt can be overwhelming and stressful, so receiving unwanted communication from creditors is often the catalyst that leads individuals to file for bankruptcy.

Contact a Raleigh Business Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are beleaguered by creditors attempting to collect money from your business that it doesn’t have, it may be time to discuss bankruptcy with an experienced attorney. Chapter 11 business bankruptcy is an option that can save you from growing debts and allow you to embark on a fresh financial future. For more information on filing for bankruptcy, contact the Raleigh legal team at Bradford Law Offices, PLLC, by calling (919) 758-8879 today. Our skilled attorneys will assess your financial situation with compassion and knowledge.