Legal Services for Addressing Identity Theft

Unfortunately, identity theft has become a much more common problem today than it was even just a decade ago, largely due to our ever-increasing reliance and use of technology. When a person’s identity is stolen, not only might their identifying information be taken, such as their Social Security number, but they might also have other information stolen, including bank account information and credit card information. As a result of this, identity theft can ruin a person’s finances, resulting in harassing debt collection calls, emails, or visits from creditors. However, victims of identity theft who are also facing financial problems as a result are not without options.

Dealing with Debts Caused by Identity Theft

While identity theft does not always result in a person facing serious financial burdens, it often does. Fortunately, there are laws in place, particularly the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), that provide protections for victims in this situation. The Federal Trade Commission recommends that victims of identity theft take action immediately, by:

  • Placing an initial fraud alert
  • Ordering credit reports / notifying creditors
  • Creating an identity theft report

Facing financial difficulties brought on by identity theft can be extremely stressful. And while there are many legal avenues a person can pursue to address the effects of identity theft on their life, in some cases, bankruptcy may be the best option, as it can offer you protections that you might not otherwise have. However, you should always talk with a bankruptcy attorney about whether or not this option is right for your particular situation.

Contact a Bankruptcy Attorney in Raleigh

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