How Small Businesses Accrue Debt

Many small businesses are born from a passionate idea. The products or services on sale may hold special meaning in the founder’s life. However, sometimes the dream doesn’t go as planned. Maintaining a balance between store practices and financial organization can be difficult. When more money is consistently spent than earned, debt quickly accrues. If this trend continues for an extended period of time, a business should re-evaluate its practices or contact a bankruptcy attorney to discuss alternative options to recover from financial loss.

Business Practices that Lead to Debt

Situations that small business owners encounter that may lead to increasing debt are:

  • Building expenses
  • Failing sales
  • Losing track of finances

Unnecessary expenses, inadequate product supply or sale, and disorganized financial records can destroy your business’s profits. If problems like these continue to increase in your personal business, your company and financial future could be at risk. In this situation, filing for bankruptcy with the assistance of a skilled bankruptcy lawyer may be the solution that resolves your financial problems. Filing for Chapter 7 business bankruptcy, for example, can eliminate your debts through property selling.

Contact a Raleigh Business Bankruptcy Lawyer

If your business debt seems to be increasing with no imminent changes or solutions in sight, filing for bankruptcy may be the best option for you. Contact the experienced bankruptcy attorneys at the Bradford Law Offices, PLLC, at 919-758-8879 to further discuss your situation.