Huy Fong Foods could have faced bankruptcy

Posted on Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 at 9:50 pm    

In a statement provided by Huy Fong Foods’ CEO David Tran to the Los Angeles Times, Tran said his firm may have gone bankrupt and lost up to $10 million if a judge granted Irwindale City’s request to shut their factory down.

According to Tran, Irwindale City treated his company unfairly by not doing an investigation. However, Irwindale City claimed that it gave warning to the company, who makes the famous hot sauce Sriracha, about the fumes that were allegedly causing headaches and burning eyes. City attorney Fred Galante said the fumes were evident and that a local air quality professional affirmed the presence of a distinctive smell.

Sriracha manufacturing would also be drastically affected if the city shut down the factory at this time, as the chilies may rot if not processed immediately after harvest.

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