The Lump Sum Repayment Plan

Financial struggle and uncertainty is a hurdle almost everyone has to overcome at least once in his or her life. When you can no longer pay your monthly bills, you may be able to pay off your debt by filing for bankruptcy. There are a number of different repayment plans available for debtors going through bankruptcy. One option is a lump sum repayment plan that lets debtors pay off his or her debts more quickly than other repayment plan options.

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Advantages of Lump Sum Repayment

A lump sum repayment plan is not for everyone, but it can give some debtors the option of paying off their debt in a shorter amount of time. Some advantages of the lump sum repayment plan include the following:

  • Potentially lower interest rates throughout the repayment process
  • Can increase debtor’s credit score
  • Pay debt off in a shorter amount of time
  • Fewer payments

If you want to pursue debt negotiation and a potential lump sum repayment plan, you should consult with a skilled legal representative before making any decisions.

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