Common Forms of Creditor Harassment

Millions of people face financial difficulties in their lives, forcing many to take on loans or other forms of debt to cope with these difficulties. After taking on these debts, however, many find it difficult to pay off the loans, causing them to go unpaid for a period of time. If this time period extends persistently, then creditors might start making contact with debtors in an effort to get their money. Though creditors have the right to collect money owed to them, they sometimes go too far, engaging in harassing behavior toward debtors.

Several Forms

Creditor harassment can take many different forms, each of which can be disruptive and distressing for debtors to face. Some of the most common forms of harassment that debtors are subjected to include:

  • Overly frequent emailing
  • Unwanted / unsolicited personal visits
  • Overly frequent phone calls
  • Overly frequent mailed letters
  • Aggressive behavior / language
  • Threats

These and many other behaviors could be deemed creditor harassment and might cause a debtor to worry about his or her financial security. Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take to put an end to creditor harassment, including filing for one of the many forms of bankruptcy.

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When you or someone you know is facing aggressive collections agencies or creditor harassment, filing for bankruptcy may be the best solution for ending this harassment and working your way out of debt. Speak with our attorneys at the Bradford Law Offices, PLLC, about your options and this process, as we are committed to helping you explore your options. Call 919-758-8879 to talk about fighting creditors through bankruptcy.